Thailand food Buffet – ตลาดน้ำ ๔ ภาคพัทยา Pattaya Floating Market

Thailand food Buffet

Thai Food Buffet

In Pattaya Floating Market If a car park behind the store will have it. Do not walk away Floating Market in Thailand do not pay into it. To eat and then walk on it. This food lovers around Thailand. Buffet Thailand The menu comes with a 4-studded screening in Thailand with desserts like mango sticky rice to eat unlimited. Including herbal drink in Thailand. Finn sat a long time is not limited. All at only 150 baht for children height from 100-120 cm price 100 baht higher than 100 cm for free here.
Start at the northern Khao Soi curry sausage chili chili young Central Hong caps pork curry and shrimp soup. This is known as the second signature post. Thailand Pretty kitchen chili paste, some water along with fresh vegetables. It was delicious, not least the southern Indian curry, yellow curry, spicy beef kidney concentration southern genuine. Khao Yam and Southern If the East is a green papaya salad and sticky rice (steamed glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves, onion here is very good), grilled chicken, spicy pork curry, red curry savings.
  • Daily 11.00 - 20.00


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