Story – ตลาดน้ำ ๔ ภาคพัทยา Pattaya Floating Market


Pattaya Floating Market Story

Back in 2005 on the area of where local people call ‘The Ending Boundary of Pattaya’, there was a small restaurant run by a local couple mostly serving Thai food for Thai people ‘Racha Pudong’ – Racha literally means King, Pudong is pickled crabs. It has been well-known of one of the most delicious pickled crabs in Pattaya and normally visited by Thai people passing by to Rayong or heading back to Bangkok. The restaurant itself geographically located on a lowland area where regularly got flooded during rainy season and filled with aquatic plants most of the whole year long.
Pattaya Floating Market owner, as a business person back in that time, found this small restaurant’s quality and potential in growing up in future, decided to rent out in the beginning and take over in the end for fully effective management and operation. The small Racha Pudong restaurant, immediately after the owner changed, was immediately renovated and expanded to be spacious one with full hospitality service under the new brand called ‘Lake View Restaurant’
One year afterwards, Lake View Restaurant went well, but the lowland area filled with greenery aquatic plant nearby was still there exactly the first day it got found – seems like no one or nobody want to make any uses out of it. The Lake View owner, current floating market managing director, with his spectacular vision again found something very special to take something out of this lowland’s specialty. Within just a few weeks later, he the whole area filled with excavators to dig up the area making it even lower and become a huge manmade lake in Pattaya before adding infrastructures set up in Thai styles under the concept of 4 regions, 4 dialects, 4 folkway wisdoms, 4 cultures – all of these were put together in the same huge manmade lake area and being named ‘Pattaya Floating Market since then till present.
The current Pattaya Floating Market initial earthwork and infrastructure construction started on February 2008. It took 8 months in total until the official opening ceremony took place and celebrated on November 1st, in the same year, started serving tourists since then, kept growing up every single years and is now become the Thailand’s first and biggest manmade riverside attraction serving tourists from around the world with an average of ten thousands coming in per day. Come and check it out why it’s very famous and let us know how you feel towards it. Every suggestion is certainly welcome for future development.