Bird Displaying Cage – ตลาดน้ำ ๔ ภาคพัทยา Pattaya Floating Market

Bird Displaying Cage

Beautiful birds

Bird Displaying Cage is located right nearby the southern Zip Line Tower, tourists can reach it by walking to the sling bridge or through souvenior shop connecting bridge to zip line tower. In this bird cage, tourist can spend good time feeding mainly macore parrot and a few more birds closely. You will be given a piece of fruit or seeds once you enter the cage so that you can feed them with your hands, and of course they will instantly fly to stand on your shoulder or even on your palm when they once see food in your hands. Taking picture with them before leaving the cage seems to be soemthing you shouldn't miss because getting closer look and touch these kinds of animal seems to be something rarely happened in regular daily routine.
Opens everyday from 9.00 - 20.00 and the ticket is less than a hundred baht plus fruits or seeds at the entrance. For more information call 038 706 340 or e-mail